The story of dancing sparkle

Once upon a time a little star asked his mother: 'Momma, will I ever be able to sparkle as bright as sister, as beautiful as daddy and as gorgeous as you do? Will I?' and his mother answered: 'No honey! You will never sparkle as 'bright' as your sister, as 'beautiful' as daddy and as 'gorgeous' as I do!' The little star was confused and pretty sad about that answer, so he went to his father and asked: 'Daddy? Is Mommy fine?!' , and the dad answered: 'Of course she is! She's ready to become a shootingstar now, after that she'll become an angel, who lives by god's side!
'But won't you miss mummy?'
'Of course I will, but holding her back would be selfish! I mean she definetly wants us to be happy so this is why we have to sacrifice sometimes for the people we love!'
The little star was much more confused after this talk and thought a little walk would be great for him to open his mind! While he was walking he saw his mother standing in front of a huge endless seeming hole and talking to herself: ' I'm ready to go now! I was all alone, my whole life, so time came for me to pass away! Noone needs me! I'm just a useles sparkling something in this black sphere of nothing, so why do I have to let this whole existence go on this way? Becoming a shootingstar would only let this tragedy go on!' The little star didn't waist any time, ran into her arms and screamed: 'You're not alone!' Mother and son fell deep down into the hole.
'You always were the brightes, the most beautiful and the most gorgeous star in the nightsky! And you'll always be it in my heart! Dear god save this beautiful soul and give him the love and peace that he deserves'.
                                                                          >THE END<

Whatever happens in life, don't forget it goes on! And whenever you feel lonely or unloved, don't forget there will always be a person out there, who loves you more than his own existence!
XOXO, Kaley!