..just take a deep breath and JUMP

Have you ever thought about jumping off the roof? Well he did and he did it often, this is why he had everything  planned perfectly for his last night! His farewell letter was on his desk and his last will already written down. His parents were ashamed of him, his wife wanted him in prison and his son didn't even want to see him on his wedding ceremony. How should it be different? Even he didn't like himself, but his life wasn't always that depressing. He remembers the day he saw her beautiful face the first time! Her eyes catching his! He remembers first time kissing her soft rosé lips and her fingers nipping his hair! 
-'Ey! Go and search an other roof to die this roof will definetly be mine'
The voice threw him of his guard.
-Why this roof?
-It's important to me! 
-So it is to me!

XOXO, Kaley!